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Michael’s Holiday Wish List

We thought it would be fun to share what is on Chef Michael’s holiday wish list this year. What is on your list?  1. Anything relating to my 1962 Daimler 2. Telescope to watch the stars 3. Book: A Day at El Bulli 4. Olives – my absolute favorite snack 5. Tall insulated rubber boots 6. Black […]

Restoration is Complete!

After 14 months of diligent effort, the restoration of my 1962 Daimler SP250 (Dart) is complete. The full restoration is documented on YouTube if you are interested in the process. Part 1: Daimler Dart (10 minute video – from car purchase to complete car strip-down) Part 2: Rebuilding my Daimler Dart (8 1/2 minute video […]

Daimler SP250 Update

Spring is here and I am busy trying to finish the restoration of my 1962 Daimler Dart SP250. I can’t wait to drive it for the first time. I bought the car in May 2009 and have stripped it down completely, repairing, cleaning, sanding and painting every part. The chassis and engine are completely restored and […]

The Engine Started!

29 years later (a sticker on the windshield identifies that the car was last registered in Arizona in 1981) the engine on my 1962 Daimler SP250 roared to life. It has been quite a journey to this point. I received the car from Los Angeles in May 2009, stripped it down to the chassis and started […]

Car Restoration – I

Work is progressing on my 1962 Daimler SP250. Last week I finally finished assembling the front and rear suspension, installed the brake calipers and slid on the wire wheels. So the chassis is ready for the engine and transmission, and this is where all of my effort is now focused. I picked up my engine from […]

Chef’s Down Time

If I’m not in the kitchen at the Inn, then there is a pretty good chance you can find me in my garage, working diligently at restoring a 1962 Daimler SP250. I purchased the car in May of this year and have been taking it apart completely, restoring each part (or replacing it), and eventually (as […]