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Car Restoration – I

Work is progressing on my 1962 Daimler SP250. Last week I finally finished assembling the front and rear suspension, installed the brake calipers and slid on the wire wheels. So the chassis is ready for the engine and transmission, and this is where all of my effort is now focused. I picked up my engine from a well established shop that specializes in engine cleaning, camshaft, crankshaft and valve work. They did a beautiful job on the engine and it is now in another shop having the new camshaft bearings line bored. Technical stuff! This week I hope to begin putting the engine back together. The transmission has a few issues that are also being worked on, all rather minor, thank God. The body is off to Walter and is being sanded, sanded, sanded, sanded and then he will sand it. Lots of detailed work to fill the pinholes in the fiberglass body and then sand it smooth. Walter calls it his “Winter Project.” Instruments just came back from being detailed, twin SU carburetors are still in Brooklyn, NY being rebuilt, I have a few parts being sandblasted in Rockland, ME and the interior (carpets, leather seats and dash) is on it’s way from a Jaguar shop in Ohio. It’s like a big jigsaw puzzle!