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Then and Now – Sunflower Suite

Then and Now – Sunflower Suite

Sunflower Suite Before

The Sunflower Suite is our largest guest room and is located on the third floor of the Hideaway building. When we purchased the Hideaway Inn in 2007, this third floor space was in pretty rough

Sunflower Suite After

condition, having been owner’s quarters since the building was converted into an Inn. After adjusting a few walls, eliminating some “dead space” and removing the matching yellow toilet and vanity (from the mid-1900’s), we stripped every surface

Sunflower Suite Jacuzzi

and started the 3 month transformation. We added a fireplace that is visible from 2 sides, a large jacuzzi tub, tiled in a large shower, fit the bathroom with twin pedestal sinks and faux finished the walls with plaster fleur de lis and a rag on paint finish.

This was an amazing transformation and the finished space exceeded our original expectations. This summer we installed a built in “split” AC unit in the space which is quiet and cools the large space down very well.

The sunflower suite is very popular with honeymooners or those seeking a larger, more secluded space.

Sunflower Suite Before
Sunflower Suite After