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Then and Now – Dining Porch

“Then and Now” is a series of photographs and stories we have created in our blog to allow guests to see the progress we have made here at the Inn since we took over in May of 1998.

Our second installment in this series focuses on our Dining Porch at the Hartstone Inn. When Mary Jo and I arrived in Camden, our first major project was to add the dining porch on to the Inn. The photograph above shows one of the early construction shots we took during the building of the dining porch. Notice the old garage door and asphalt driveway that used to “grace” the front of the carriage house. The photograph below shows the new “facade” barn door on the carriage house and the gardens and path that replaced the old asphalt driveway. And, of course, the remaining photograph shows the completed dining porch awaiting dinner guests at the Inn.