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The Manor House Suites

The manor house is situated across the street from our main building and consists of two suites in the main manor house, and the arbor suite, which is ideally located in its own private building. All three share a private garden that is located off the street, and each suite has a private entrance to ensure that you only share your retreat experience with the people you came with.

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Arbor Suite


Champagne Suite


Manor Suite

Property Map

Our property consists of several different buildings housing private suits, sitting gardens, our in-house
restaurant, and more. Feel free to use the map below to explore our property before your arrival and to
familiarize yourself with the layout of our special inn.

Depending on where you’ll be staying, be sure to plug in the appropriate address in order to ensure a
smooth arrival: Hartstone Inn 41 Elm Street, Camden — Hideaway Inn 4 Pleasant Street, Camden — Manor House / Arbor Suite 12 Free Street, Camden