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Late September Means Midcoast Maine Apple Season

Late September Means Midcoast Maine Apple Season

Drive down a midcoast Maine country lane. Above your head, rows of birches and sugar maples create an extended canopy of color and light as they arc towards embrace like long-lost lovers. A yellow leaf from a basswood floats down onto your windshield. A tidy white farmhouse and stately red barn welcome you to your destination. 

In the fields, a John Deere lurches out between rows and rumbles forward hauling two dozen overflowing crates of deep ruby Macouns. A single apple bounces to the ground and is kissed by a shaft of bright afternoon sun. Surrounding trees shout at their seasonal peak. The sky could not be more blue or clear. 

It’s Midcoast Maine apple season.

Whether you’re an heirloom aficionado, apple pie fiend, or simply want to pick your own bag of honeycrisps, it’s time to visit, recreate the scene described above, and get your fill. Ensure your perfect Midcoast Maine apple season getaway with a stop at these three exceptional orchards. They are on your way to (or from) a stay at The Hartstone Inn:

  1. Close by and wonderful, Hope Orchards never disappoints. Mark your calendar for their annual Fall Festival on Sunday, October 13th, 2019.
  2. Not far from the stunning Pemaquid Point lighthouse, Biscay Orchards in Damariscotta was voted best Maine orchard in 2018 by the readers of Downeast magazine.
  3. Away from the coast in Whitefield, but SOOO worth the backroads country drive, Bailey’s Orchard was the inspiration for the description above. Family owned and operated for more than 90 years.

Or, check the Maine Pomological Society website for more orchards along your specific drive route and experience Midcoast Maine apple season your way!