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Hope Elephants

We are excited to announce that Rosie and Opal, two retired circus elephants have made it to their new home in Hope, Maine!  We know that many of our guests would welcome the short trip to Hope to visit these wonderful animals.

From their website:


Hope Elephants is a unique facility located in Hope, Maine which cares for retired elephants and provides education programming about elephants and conservation.

Rosie and Opal, a pair of aging and injured retired circus elephants, receive state-of-the-art physical therapy and nutritional support in a purpose-built habitat dedicated to their needs. School children and others of all ages experience elephants in a way unavailable anywhere else in the country. The goal of Hope Elephants’ educational program is to inspire visitors to act upon their experience and find their own path to participate in wildlife conservation.


Hope Elephants is here to provide the best possible care for our two resident elephants, Rosie and Opal, but we are also an educational destination where visitors have an opportunity to see and hear the animals in a carefully curated environment as a platform to present the big issues surrounding conservation, habitat destruction, and ecology.

We welcome visitors – we want individuals, families, schools and other groups to come to our facility and learn from our staff and our elephants.

However, because we are not an entertainment venue, we do not allow walk-up visitors. All visitors must sign-up in advance for a scheduled presentation. To hear more about our educational presentations and sign up for a visit to the Hope Elephants facility, please contact us at:

207-619-4801 or

We never charge a fee for a visit to our facility, but we do request that individual visitors and family groups consider making a suggested donation. These donations are used to fund the care of our resident elephants, the maintenance of our facilities and the delivery of our educational programming.