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Hart Stones by Mary Jo

Written by Meghan Small.

We all know Michael can be found in the garage restoring his 1962 Daimler when he is not in the kitchen.  Many do not know however that when not tending to the various needs of the inn or to her hundred’s of orchids, Mary Jo can be found tucked away in her 3rd floor bead room creating jewelry in our gift shop.  Hart Stones by Mary Jo, her collection of mostly beaded jewelry began around three years ago.   After what was becoming a somewhat dull house sitting experience in Florida, Michael decided Mary Jo needed a hobby to pass the time.  He brought her to a bead store nearby and from there it has grown from a hobby to a talent!  Her collection of beads has become quite extensive overtime including an array of Venetian glass beads purchased on a trip to Italy two years ago.   

Mary Jo’s jewelry was highlighted at our Baubles and Bubbles event this past November.  The collaborative event was held here at the Inn in and in addition to her jewelry featured pearl and vintage jewelry collections from two of her friends.  There was Champagne, an array of Michael’s delicious hor d’oeuvres and lots of pre-Christmas jewelry purchases!  The turnout was great and everyone had so much fun that we have pledged to make it an annual event!  

Hart Stones by Mary Jo is our best selling item in the gift shop with people who purchase a new piece to add to their collection every time they visit!