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Eco-Friendly Silver Polish Recipe

Eco-Friendly Silver Polish Recipe

We here at The Hartstone Inn, along with many households in America have tried to find ways to be more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious.  Paul, one of our innkeepers and his wife use no chemicals in their home.  They have provided us with many recipes for green cleaners.  One of our favorites is the silver polishing concoction.   

Eco-Friendly Silver Polish

As those of you know who stay here, our guests eat with silver utensils at all of the meals we serve.  Silver tends to tarnish and with as much a s we use it, this means lots of polishing!  The recipe below allows for not only a chemical free polish but for large amounts to be polished at once with little to no “elbow grease”!  All you need is a deep container, salt, baking powder, water and aluminum foil.

1. Line pan or container with aluminum foil.  Cover the bottom entirely. 

2. Put silver utensils into pan.

3. Pour boiling water in pan until the silver utensils are completely covered. 

4.  Add one tablespoon of salt and one tablespoon of baking powder for every inch of water in the pan.

5.  Let sit for five minutes.

6.  Drain water and wash silver utensils as you normally would i.e. dishwasher, by hand etc…

It will be shiny and beautiful – just like new!