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Cheese Making Classes at Appleton Creamery

Cheese Making Classes at Appleton Creamery

Appleton Creamery is a small-scale family farm located in Appleton, part of scenic mid-coast Maine.  Their five acre farm has a herd of 40 registered Alpine dairy goats producing the finest goats milk cheeses..  Learn from owners Caitlin and Brad who have been raising goats and making cheese for nearly 30 years!


Basics of Hard Cheese 
January 15, 2018 / March 5, 2018
Fee $125

Class members will spend the day making one hard cheese, but along the way their will be discussion on the different steps that go into making a hard cheese, and how a slight change here or there will result in a totally different cheese.  Attendees will learn the differences between milks, starter cultures, rennet, pH, aging and rind development.

Home Cheese Making
February 20 & 21, 2018 /  April 16 & 17, 2018
Fee: $300 for two days.

A hands-on workshop in basic home cheese making!  In this two-day workshop attendees will be using simple equipment that you may already have at home to make a jack cheese the first day, press overnight, then finish the second.  In addition, participants will also make feta, yogurt, a lactic cheese, quick mozzarella, ricotta (a whey cheese) and butter, depending on the interests of the class. This workshop will concentrate on basic cow cheeses using grocery store milk but will also delve briefly into goat cheese. Basic use of ripening cultures and rennet and milk chemistry will be covered. Class members will go home with the cheese that they’ve made!

Italian Fun
March 11, 2018
Fee $75

A half day class making mozzarella and ricotta!  Mozzarella and ricotta are two iconic cheeses of Italy, and so easy to make! Participants will make a quick mozzarella then turn the whey into ricotta.

Day at the Dairy

In the winter when the goats are dry, I make cow cheese. Join me for a day of cheese making as I make my weekly cheese. Some weeks I will be making a hard cheese — ranging from a tomme to gouda to havarti to jack — and some weeks I’ll be making a bloomy rind cheese. Cheese making usually happens on Weds or Thursday, depending on milk delivery schedule.

Design Your Own Class
Schedule a private class for your group at your location. $500/day for up to six people, $250/half day. Plus travel. costs.  Additional fee they provide the milk.
What cheese would you like to learn? Contact them to discuss a date and cheese possibilities. (Fridays and Saturdays not available.)

Basics of Goat Cheese
April 29, 2018
Fee $125

Learn the basics of goat cheese. Participants will make chevre and many of its variations, quick mozzarella, ricotta, and feta. Class discussion will include how goat milk is different from other milks, and why certain cheeses are better made with goat milk. Do you have goats and want to make cheese? Are you thinking of getting goats? Meet the goats and decide for yourself! 

For more information, visit  Appleton Creamery’s website here or find them on Facebook