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Forage for Mushrooms in Maine

There is something immensely satisfying about foraging for mushrooms in Maine. Strolling the woodland paths, your boots crush the earth and release the damp, earthy scent of Fall’s forest floor. Crisp Autumn air carries the whiff of woodsmoke. You stoop and inspect, sniff and squint, and search for a smorgasbord of tasty varieties in a […]

Black Trumpet Mushrooms

A few weeks ago I went out with a group of mushroom enthusiasts and we came across a patch of beautiful black trumpet mushrooms (Craterellus fallax) also known as “black chanterelles.” Black trumpets can be very difficult to see, since they grow on the floor of hardwood forests and they blend in beautifully with the dried […]

Mushroom Hunt

My friend Sharon and I went foraging for mushrooms last Saturday and she has written about our adventure on her blog “delicious musings.” It’s a nice story with some great pictures from our exploration of the Maine forest. Click here to read about our mushroom hike on her blog.

Island Offerings

Mary Jo and I recently took a weekend trip aboard our sailboat into Penobscot Bay and did a little island and shoreline foraging. On shore we collected wild blueberries, chanterelle mushrooms and raspberries. We waded along the shoreline at low tide and collected mussels and sea urchins. Dinner that evening started with sea urchin roe, followed […]

Mushroom Foraging in Maine

As a foodie, I have an avid fascination for mushrooms. Local foragers ring my doorbell several times a week to tempt me with the forests latest offerings which often make their way onto the nightly menu and generate conversation and rave reviews from our guests. I have been foraging mushrooms in the Maine woods for many years for what […]